History of the Farm

b712e269fb084c4a93e4e4f072d9060ePast to Present

Hall Tavern Farm is a 500 acre family owned farm in the western part of Massachusetts. Owned by the Healy family for nearly 100 years. Hall Tavern Farm is the oldest privately owned tree farm in the state and has twice been voted Massachusetts Tree Farm of the Year. The Healy family recently placed a non-development restriction on the farm, ensuring that its natural beauty will be protected forever from development.

“The nearly 100-year-old farm still produces some sweet corn and other vegetables, as well as maple syrup and hay. Adding timber cutting and milling to the operation has augmented the sensitive and intimate management of the land. ” -TimberLine Magazine

“The farm was founded in the 1920s by Jay Healys grandfather John J. Healy. After helping to start “a little company called Sun Oil Company,” Jay Healy says his grandfather left the startup business in New York City “lock, stock and barrel, didn’t save one share of stock” and settled in Franklin County.  Jay Healy’s story is equally impressive: he served in state Legislature for 20 years (beginning in 1970), was on the agricultural commission for about 15 years and worked at the U.S. Department of Agriculture as Mass. State Director for five years. ” The Recorder

The Future


Jared Bellows who has been a long time friend and worker has now taken over running the lumber mill and is keeping true to the Healy legacy. Providing customers and contractors with the same support and access to custom requests and satisfying any request no matter how big or small. Thank you for continuing to support a locally owned and operated business. We look forward to servicing your needs for many more years to come.